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133]nHighlight:Acosta-Ampudia et al., where a pro-inflammatory state was observed in patients with PASC characterized by up-regulated IFN-α, TNF-a, granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (G-CSF), IL-17A, IL-6, IL-1β, and IL-13, whereas IP-10 was decreasednHighlight:the paramount finding is a persistent and diffuse proinflammatory state and a dysregulated cellular immune response, which is compatible with two of the currently most discussed hypotheses on the immune pathogenesis of PASC: (a) ongoing immune responses against persisting virus or viral antigens and/or (b) chronic reprogramming of immune cellsnSticky notes:KeynHighlight:All these data show a prolonged T cell response magnitude [146], which eventually leads to exhaustion of T cellsnHighlight:PD-1-expressing T lymphocytesnHighlight:lower and more rapidly waning N-specific CD8+ T cell responsesnHighlight:significantly increased level of TregsnHighlight:tendency towards an exhausted/senescent state of CD4+ and CD8+ T cells and perturbances in CD4+ Tregs 3 months post-infectionn]]>

About Dr. Nathan Goodyear
About Dr. Nathan Goodyear

Dr. Nathan Goodyear, a medical doctor with years of experience in the field of integrative cancer care, has announced the launch of an online training program. This program, available on his new website, will provide individuals with access to video trainings led by Dr. Goodyear himself, covering a range of topics related to integrative cancer care. These trainings will include information on the latest research and techniques in the field, as well as guidance on how to incorporate these approaches into a patient’s overall cancer treatment plan. With this online program, Dr. Goodyear hopes to make his expertise and knowledge more widely accessible, and help more people understand the benefits of integrative cancer care.


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