How to Treat Cancer Without Destroying Your Immune System

In the latest episode of the Natural Health Matters Podcast, Dr. Goodyear sheds light on chemotherapy, Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT), and other facets of integrative medicine.

Below we have included the full video interview along with a written summary.

How to Treat Cancer Without Destroying Your Immune System – Show Notes

Traditional Medicine vs Integrative Medicine

Dr. Goodyear is a strong advocate for employing natural, holistic, and integrative therapies in tandem with traditional medical approaches to provide enhanced outcomes for cancer patients.

How to treat cancer without destroying your immune system

He highlighted the significance of utilizing vitamin C in a pro-oxidative manner for eradicating cancer cells and stressed harmonizing the physical, emotional, and spiritual components of recovery.

He underscored that while traditional medicine has a vital part in treating cancer, it’s crucial to recognize its limitations and explore additional methods that can augment its effects.

He urged cancer patients to undertake their inquiries and identify a physician open to devising a custom treatment strategy.

Key points from the discussion include:

  • Traditional medicine plays a crucial role in cancer treatment, but understanding its constraints is essential.
  • Utilizing natural, holistic, and integrative therapies in concert with traditional medicine can lead to improved outcomes.
  • A comprehensive healing approach involves the integration of physical, emotional, and spiritual elements.
  • Cancer patients are encouraged to conduct their own research and find a physician willing to develop a bespoke treatment plan with them.

Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT)

Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT) is a variant of low-dose chemotherapy administered alongside insulin.

Insulin potentiation therapy (ipt)

The insulin serves to shield the healthy cells from the chemotherapy while still allowing it to eliminate the cancer cells. IPT proves effective in managing several cancer types, such as breast cancer, prostate cancer, and lung cancer.

Dr. Goodyear elucidated that IPT is a more specific and less harmful form of chemotherapy compared to the traditional variant.

This can be attributed to its lower dose of chemotherapy, thus mitigating the side effects risk. Moreover, insulin’s protection of healthy cells from chemotherapy further curtails the side effects.

Dr. Goodyear also conveyed that IPT offers more personalized treatment compared to conventional chemotherapy. The chemotherapy dosage and insulin amount can be modulated according to the patient’s requirements.

In summary, IPT is a promising novel cancer treatment. It is more specific, less harmful, and more adaptable than traditional chemotherapy. Dr. Goodyear holds the conviction that IPT could transform cancer treatment.

Further discussion points include:

  • Although IPT is a relatively new treatment, some evidence suggests its effectiveness.
  • IPT offers a more targeted and less harmful chemotherapy variant.
  • IPT provides a more individualized treatment compared to traditional chemotherapy.
  • IPT is still being researched but can potentially transform cancer treatment radically.

To know more about IPT, it is highly recommended to listen to the complete podcast episode.

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