Ivermectin: enigmatic multifaceted ‘wonder’ drug continues to surprise and exceed expectations | The Journal of Antibiotics

in vitro and inhibition of tumor growth and metastasis in vivonHighlight:ivermectin synergizes with the chemotherapy agents cytarabine and daunorubicin to induce cell death in leukemia cellsnHighlight:Cancer stem cells are a key factor in cancer cells developing resistance to chemotherapies and these results indicate that a combination of chemotherapy agents plus ivermectin could potentially target and kill cancer stem cells, a paramount goal in overcoming cancernHighlight:Ivermectin inhibits proliferation and increases apoptosis of various human cancersnHighlight:Activation of WNT-TCF signaling is implicated in multiple diseases, including cancers of the lungs and intestine,nHighlight:A new screening system has found that ivermectin inhibits the expression of WNT-TCF targetsnHighlight:It represses the levels of C-terminal β-catenin phosphoforms and of cyclin D1 in an okadaic acid-sensitive manner, indicating its action involves protein phosphatasesnHighlight:In vivo, ivermectin selectively inhibits TCF-dependent, but not TCF-independent, xenograft growth without side effectsnHighlight:ivermectin has an exemplary safety record, it could swiftly become a useful tool as a WNT-TCF pathway response blocker to treat WNT-TCF-dependent diseases, encompassing multiple cancers.117n]]>

Picture of About Dr. Nathan Goodyear
About Dr. Nathan Goodyear

Dr. Nathan Goodyear, a medical doctor with years of experience in the field of integrative cancer care, has announced the launch of an online training program. This program, available on his new website, will provide individuals with access to video trainings led by Dr. Goodyear himself, covering a range of topics related to integrative cancer care. These trainings will include information on the latest research and techniques in the field, as well as guidance on how to incorporate these approaches into a patient’s overall cancer treatment plan. With this online program, Dr. Goodyear hopes to make his expertise and knowledge more widely accessible, and help more people understand the benefits of integrative cancer care.


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