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69] and other growth factor receptors, such as epidermal growth factor (EGFR, Her2/neu, Her3, and Her4) [21], platelet-derived growth factor (PDGFR) [70], fibroblast growth factor (FGFR) [71], vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) [72], and nerve growth factor (NGF)nHighlight:anchored in the plasma membranenHighlight:non-receptor tyrosine kinases (nRTKs), are localized in the cytoplasm or, in some cases, are anchored to the cell membrane through amino-terminal modification.nHighlight:Quercetin naturally occurs in different fruits and vegetables, such as apples, grapes, berries, and onions. Besides others, it is one of the earliest described flavonoids possessing inhibitory activity towards protein kinasesnHighlight:PI3K-Akt/PKB pathway is inhibited through the binding of quercetinnHighlight:Other kinases, including MEK-1, GSK-3β, Hck, and IKKα/β, have also been found to be inhibited at low micromolar levelsnHighlight:Genistein exerted inhibitory efficacy against the EGFR kinases (IC50 = 22 µM), Src (IC50 = 26 µM), and MEK4nHighlight:Ellagic acid is a dimer of gallic acid and can be found in several fruits and vegetablesnHighlight:Caffeic acid can be found in fruits, vegetables, wine, olive oil, and coffeen]]>

About Dr. Nathan Goodyear
About Dr. Nathan Goodyear

Dr. Nathan Goodyear, a medical doctor with years of experience in the field of integrative cancer care, has announced the launch of an online training program. This program, available on his new website, will provide individuals with access to video trainings led by Dr. Goodyear himself, covering a range of topics related to integrative cancer care. These trainings will include information on the latest research and techniques in the field, as well as guidance on how to incorporate these approaches into a patient’s overall cancer treatment plan. With this online program, Dr. Goodyear hopes to make his expertise and knowledge more widely accessible, and help more people understand the benefits of integrative cancer care.


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