Bicarbonate and dichloroacetate: Evaluating pH altering therapies in a mouse model for metastatic breast cancer

4–] and promotion of metastatic potentialnHighlight:enhanced invasiveness [] and increased cathepsin B activity in acid-cultured tumor cellsnHighlight: Acid-mediated metastatic potential has been demonstrated in vivo as wellnHighlight:glycolysis is considered the major factor in promoting tumor acidity.nHighlight:This study reported that systemic bicarbonate buffered the extracellular pH in tumors to neutral levels (a pH of 7.2) and inhibited the spread of metastases which led to improved survivanSticky notes:This was with oral bicarbonatenHighlight:Systemic bicarbonate was also effective against the spread of metastases in a model for prostate cancernHighlight:dichloroacetate (DCA). This analogue of acetic acid has been shown to selectively target tumor cell metabolism by indirectly activating pyruvate dehydrogenase (PDH) through inhibition of pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase (PDK) activity.nHighlight:under hypoxic conditions, DCA at the same dose range had no measurable effect on lactate productionnHighlight:DCA has been shown both safe and effective against tumor cells in other studiesnHighlight:tumor hypoxia serves as a confounding micro-environmental factor against DCA efficacyn]]>

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About Dr. Nathan Goodyear

Dr. Nathan Goodyear, a medical doctor with years of experience in the field of integrative cancer care, has announced the launch of an online training program. This program, available on his new website, will provide individuals with access to video trainings led by Dr. Goodyear himself, covering a range of topics related to integrative cancer care. These trainings will include information on the latest research and techniques in the field, as well as guidance on how to incorporate these approaches into a patient’s overall cancer treatment plan. With this online program, Dr. Goodyear hopes to make his expertise and knowledge more widely accessible, and help more people understand the benefits of integrative cancer care.


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