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Believe It. Own It. Live It. Duplicate It.

Our bold mission is the patient. Likewise, every patient with cancer has a bold mission. Our job as a physician, a doctor, is to help patients:
  • hope for the impossible,
  • think the impossible,
  • believe the impossible, and
  • deliver the impossible as possible—heal from cancer.


Practicing with Dr. Nathan Goodyear
Hosted by Dr. Nathan Goodyear, this podcast is a resource for scientific-based discussion of all things cancer and beyond from a natural, holistic and integrative perspective. It’s time to teach the body how to heal.
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Information that transforms lives And practices

There is one word that brings together my mission statement, hope, heal, teach, and serve. It is the word integrative—a word that has helped to signal a growing movement for the rebirth of purpose amongst physicians and doctors in the medical community. I have been fortunate to be a part of the integrative medicine movement since 2006.

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Join a New Era of Integrative Medicine Teachings

I am really excited to announce our online training program that provides a natural, holistic and integrative treatment program to help heal cancer patients.

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